Pilates method for ripped back, arms and sculpted chest.

Holidays are here and it is time to be prepared for festive performances.Wear your backless dress, your sleeveless blouse or a deep decollete without hesitation, boost your confidence and make impressive performances by following the program that we recommend!

A beautiful body is not only about flat belly and shapely legs, but ripped back, arms and sculpted chest as well. Despoina from AthensTrainers® will show you simple Pilates exercises with elastic bands for the upper body.

Sitting position, legs together and stretched forward with the elastic band on the soles of the flexed feet. Arms bent in front of the chest holding the elastic band.


Inhale and during exhalation articulate your spine on the mat until your shoulder blades. Out rotate the arms with palms facing upwards and lean your torso and head forward while you move your arms backwards extended.


Move your arms semi circularly, straighten the head and torso and return to starting position.



  • Belly button towards the spine (PH in and up)
  • Move vertebra by vertebra starting with retroversion of the the pelvis
  • Articulate your spine on the mat until you reach shoulder blade lower tip
  • Keep torso firm during external rotation of arms.
  • Move your arms backwards stretched while heels and torso are moving forward
  • Feel the contrast between soles and PH.
  • Feel the contrast between torso and PH.
  • Move the arms semi circularly forward.

Despoina Pane, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, AthensTrainers® Associate


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