Pisces Zodiac Sign

Here, we are! We are in the Pisces’s month!!!  Pisces are very quiet people….although they get angry some times. What can we say? They are human like all of us! They hardly get upset but if it happens they become very rude. You don’t know what to expect from them….

Our Dear Pisces, you are a dreamer and very emotional person…sensitive guy … we would like to give you a few advices to make your life more beautiful! Do not take it personally…we give advice to all zodiac! No exception! So do not get upset and depressed. We know very well that you often have depressive and self-destruction tendencies, because you are very touchy. Whatever we say to you is for your own good! We want you to become happier in your life!

Let’s come to the point! As you know, you are very careless and messy with your diet. You sometimes eat incessantly and you are very greedy in sweets. Yes, yes, you do not have particular preferences in what kind of sweet is, no matter if it is a piece of baklava or a jam or a chocolate … You are a daydreamer ….and sometimes you forget to eat!!!  You drink and smoke a lot…

We care about you and we want the best for you! Here it is what we suggest you:

First of all stop depending on other people! Make your own decisions about your life right now! Jane a proper diet. Fish, seafood, white meat,  fruits, vegetables, especially artichokes, fennel and  cabbage, must be included in your menu. These are very good for the kidney function and they will “clean” your blood. Of course you need proteins!  Beef,  liver, eggs and yogurt will give you the energy for a proper cell function. You have a tendency to become a little flabby, so you have to strength your muscles. Your biochemical salt is the phosphate iron. A lot of you , Pisces, may suffer from anemia and a low blood pressure. You don’t have any physical strength or endurance, you are breathless easily or you get depressed….Therefore  lettuce, strawberries, radishes,  cucumbers, almonds,  walnuts and  raisins will give you the necessary phosphate iron. But the spinach and the black beans are very good for you too. The herbs we recommend you are:  Icelandic rushes,  borage and seaweed! Don’t be confused…organize your daily program and everything will be fine!

Certainly, it is not only about the diet. You should start training  too! Yes, do not cry please!!! We know that you’re not a sportsman! It depends on your mood usually … if you are not well with yourself, you don’t even move your finger! Try Yoga and dance combined with music. They will stimulate and calm you down and they will give you a balance of the body and the mind. If  meditation is not your preference, then try swimming and surfing which are ideal sports for you, because water is your element! They will stimulate your feet and your immune system.

Make yourself more beautiful …make your life more beautiful… We know that you will test everything we told you…we know you analyze everything deeply …you have already started … it is certain!!! Dream the results and smile!!!! Life is beautiful!

Article by Kyriaki Solomonidou

Editing by Varvara Solomonidou

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