Power bag shoulder press

Exercise of the week!

Power Bag is one of the most useful and popular trainingequipment. You can use them in indoor or outdoor training and gives you the opportunity to work out with a variety of dynamic, plyometric and functional exercises. Power bags challenges the body’s stabilizing muscles, improving coordination and balance.

Exercise of the week… power bag shoulder press for strong shoulders

Starting position

Standing position, legs shoulder-width apart

Powerbag resting on the top of your sternum using the grips


Press hard the Power bag and extend your arms  overhead

Return to the starting position and repeat the same movement for some repetitions



  • Exhale during the press and inhale on the way back to starting position
  • During the exercise, engage your core
  • Keep your spine neutral
  • Elbows facing forward in starting position
  • Finish overhead. This finishing position involves stacking the joints above one another.
  • Keep your head on neutral position and face in front of you

When you feel comfortable with the normal shoulder press…. accept the challenge of power bag push press.

Bend knees slightly and straighten them  providing some momentum, and at the same time press the Power bag overhead

The push press has a ‘kick start’ movement from the legs and hips to get the weight moving overhead. So…

  • you improve the strength of your leg, core and arm muscles
  • you can lift heavier power bag
  • you improve your strength and power

Are you ready for the exercise of the week?

Grigoris Dogas, Personal Trainer, Seminar lecturer, AthensTrainers® Associate