Some reasons to avoid tea bags

Do you know what is really in your tea? Many people in the world used bagged tea. At first, you might think that it’s easier and convenient to prepare a tea, and you may think the taste is quite good. But it is not.

Paper tea bags often contain Epichlorohydrin, a compound used as a pesticide. Epichlorhydrine becomes active when it is in contact with hot water. This pesticide is known to cause infertility and can harm your immune system.

Putting plastic tea bags in hot water, toxins are released into the tea. The more you drink tea in plastic tea bags, the more chemicals you put in your body – especially if you steep several times the same tea bag.

Some of the bags used to contain tea are made with paper. But what you may not know is that the paper has been chlorine-bleached. Yes, unless you buy your tea from an environmentally brand, most of the tea you consume is wrapped in white bags. This means that these tea bags are the result of intensive chemical processes.

Many tea companies use pesticides in tea agriculture. A report from Greenpeace released in 2015 said that 34 pesticides were found in indian tea. So if the tea wasn’t washed, this means all the pesticides go directly into your cup of tea.

To sum up, because life is too short for marginal tea, because you are a green consumerist, because you don’t want to compromise quality or your health for convenience, say no to tea bagging: swap to loose leaf tea!