Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

Just relax and sit on a chair comfortably ….You only have to make a tight seal with your lips around a mouthpiece – hooked up to a computer that measures how much oxygen you use – and plug your nose with the padded nose clip provided.  Inhale and exhale from the mouth and in a few minutes you will have the results!

Attention: try not to laugh or take selfies…  these photos are not for the fb!

Why having this test?

Because you love yourself!!!
Women wish for a beautiful and well-shaped body  and men , especially over 40 , wish for a “teen image”.
We all want a beautiful and healthy body.
Crash diets often have negative effects since they harm our system.
This test  is a measurement of the amount of calories your body needs each day just to survive and can be used to help calculate the limits of how many calories you need to consume daily to stay healthy.

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Article by Kyriaki Solomonidou