Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

And we get in the days of the notorious Sagittarius! A very naughty child ….he remains very naughty no matter how many years pass … This is good because he is always spontaneous and optimistic person… you can not describe him as depressing and moody person!!!


Sagittarius is a wandering guy  … he “wanders” in countries and places, but also in his relations. He always finds excuses for everything …but he is resourceful!!! Odysseus would envy him … I think he was a Sagittarius too! A mind as sharp as a razor, but the words burst out of his mouth  even worse … he talks…talks…. and he does not stop because he is an impulsive type and he often is a foul-mouthed and irritable person. “He raises turns quickly” and he says bad things and talks…. someone must put pepper in his mouth!!!

Our friend Sagittarius flirts constantly…. even with food. Because of he does not like the same things …he gets tired very easily … and because of he is not wretch, he flirts with intense passion to hearty meals. Serve him a dozen dishes to choose and taste!!!

Even better if the meals are very spicy… if we talk about ethnic cuisine …it is his number one preference. He is fond of  fast-foods… oh guys …he is a very glutton person, he has everything as a meal even the food left in the fridge for week! He likes candies too much…when it comes to drinking … oh he likes drinking . But since all these have many consequences and especially on the wretched liver we recommend:

Our friend Sagittarius, you have to restrict the large quantity of dishes .Some of you have to restrict  drinking too. You must think of  something : why must your liver suffer? It must function correctly!  You will learn this   …. Vitamin C and a complex of vitamin B are very good and necessary for you. Take them by a healthy way… get these vitamins from foods rather than buying pills from the  pharmacy. What would you say about eating Beef Liver-which is very nice? Many fruits with peel are recommended. Also figs, plums, strawberries… not with sugar and liqueur,you cunning guy…. quaker, brown rice …. it is delicious …believe me …. turnips… These are some foods that you should implement in your diet. So you need Vitamin C for a strong liver, vitamin B which dissolves fat …you know about fat … and silicon dioxide which is your biochemical salt. Detoxify with the sage which is a miracle for you … but the marjoram, the mallow and the agrimonio are fine for you too.

Dear friend Sagittarius… you are very athletic …. Only if you decide to be of course but you often change your mind every minute. You do like challenges and adventures … which means that you can get involved from golf to motto Cross!!! You are very good at team sports … see football…. On the other hand riding and archery suits your style and your temperament!!!

So we expect the best from you buddy Sagittarius … It’s all about decision!!!!

Article by Kyriaki Solomonidou


Editing by Varvara Solomonidou

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