Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Date range: October 23 – November 21….Scorpio days…So let’s start with its Magesty….

We have so many to say about Scorpio, enough to write down books!!!

Even if Scorpio-born people do not have the tendency to gain weight…you can’t convince them to have a proper diet and exercise. This is because of their peculiar character…most of the times they are like a bomb ready to explode or like a tsunami ready to destroy everything.

A Scorpio either he doesn’t eat anything either he eats “the universe”….either he trains either he doesn’t move a bit. Black or White…there is no Grey in his life!!!


He is sportsmanlike, discipline…he likes to impress with his appearance …(search about Scorpio and Sex)…So we suggest the following:

Dear Scorpio,

Train hard following lonely sports…admit it …you are not fond of team sports…you play in order to win…you have high expectations for yourself. Training is not pleasure for you. You play and train …for being the winner!

We suggest running, martial arts, swimming, boxing, high intense cardio exercises, diving, water sports and other dynamic and lonely sports.

Dance plays a significant part in your life. A spinning program would be good for you…while training there is no time for thinking too much or for getting angry…so you have benefits: training and calming your nerves at the same time. For compete relaxation we advice you to start stretching and yoga.

We know that you like delicacies and good food…you love whatever is beautiful….

Implement your diet with fish and generally seafood…you are a zodiac sign of water anyway…  Add poultry, yogurt and almonds for proteins. Cherries, Indian coconut, radishes, vines, quinces, cereal bars and kale are good for you. Never forget that you need ferrum in your diet. Magical herbs : basil, nettle and skoulochorto. Basil is for detox… And cut all these fatty snacks…cakes…souvlaki…bread in oil or tomato sauce !!! You end up with high blood pressure and extra kilos. Keep away from too much drinking…

Dear Scorpio friends,

You will be self tortured if you decide to train and have a proper diet plan. But you know that this difficult decision is the one that will give you the benefits and the wanted result. But it is not really a difficult decision …you make the easy thing difficult…but at the end you do everything by the book!!!


Article by Kyriaki Solomonidou


Editing by Varvara Solomonidou

varvara low




Drawing by Spyros Zacharopoulos