Spi® Story…

AthensTrainers® comprises a group of people, each coming from different sports areas, having knowledge and many years of experience yet sharing the same philosophy …our love of people. Our quest for new fitness methods never stops! We are always close to the ones who trust us and listen to their needs and desires!

Six years ago, during the summer of 2010 in Mykonos, the idea dawned on us. We knew exactly what we wanted! To match and mix a combined and dynamic group fitness program with fun and rhythm, outside “closed borders” of gyms, using conventional equipment in a standardized manner workout.

This is how we made the beginning … Our “newborn child” entered the sports world that summer. Its name? … All of us, the “Parents or godparents” were thinking of a name. We wanted an easy name, yet one that would “shout” out its strong identity!

SPI®!!! … three letters, three words in one, three key features of the “personality” of our new Sports Program! SPEED POWER INTENSITY!!! Yes, that Summer AthensTrainers® first presented the SPI Training System®!


Our new “child” gives the signal to the team. We test our strength, our capabilities, without exceeding limits, both individually as well as a team, trying to reach our goal. SPI Training System® is and has always been a step forward, a flexible program for everyone … younger and older, beginners or advanced. Each participant encourages the other, we acquire new experiences, try new work-out combinations from all sports fields and practice using our body weight and alternative equipment. It is essential not to forget to “bring” with us cheerfulness and liveliness !!!

Our ultimate goal: the optimum physical condition of our body. Each time the bar climbs higher and we acquire certainty and confidence …our bodies become stronger and more flexible.

Whether we are friends or strangers, we all become friends and fellow-partners. In front of the camera we take pictures as young athletes while training in the pitch! The music changes its pace, a training cycle comes to an end, then a new one begins which goes on until the next one and so on.

Each new game is a new challenge. The challenge of winning, the emergence of our hidden better selves!

Are you ready for the challenge … ???

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