Squats … the king of leg exercises

Exercise of the week!

Starting position: torso in an upright position, feet shoulder-width apart , bar on the base of neck over shoulders and hands grip the bar in order to stabilize it . Head is aligned with the spine . Face the opposite wall.

Execution: Bend at hips and knees until your thighs become parallel with the ground . Send your pelvis backwards , keep your spine upright with the look ahead and be careful of knees do not exceed the toes .


– Keep your feet at shoulder width for a better stand.

– The knees do not exceed the toes.

– keep the body weight on the heels.

– Keep the torso upright with straight back and chest out.

– Send your pelvis backwards keeping thus your body balance during exercise performance.

– Hold the head in line with your spine.

– Inhale during flexion of knees and hips, and exhale during the potential lifting of  torso.

– Engage the abdominal muscles / PH / pelvic muscles during exercise in order to stabilize the core.


– Give emphasis to the muscle groups you want to workout more by changing the position of the feet (shoulder width and even more , hip width , closed feet or even one leg)


George Hadjipaschalis , Personal Trainer, AthensTrainers® Associate