Strong abdominals …. FreeForm Board rollout

Exercise of the week!

Everybody wonders how to get strong abdominals….

There isn’t any secret …. Strong abdominals need hard work, different core exercises and punctual  workouts.

For perfect results, add  FreeForm Board rollout to your exercise program.

Starting position

Kneel on the FreeForm Board’s pillow with both hands on the Freeform Board in front of you.


Slowly roll the board forward as far as you can comfortably without arching your lower back. After a pause roll the board back to starting position

freeform 1


  • Keep your arms straight with muscles engaged
  • On the way back hinge on hips
  • Move forward as much as your strength and your mobilization allows you to
  • Head aligned with the core
  • Avoid over extending our lumbar spine
  • Avoid this exercise in case of lower back problems or shoulder injuries

Variations: Move the FreeForm Board  diagonally to the sides to engage oblique abdominals.

Grigoris Dogas, Personal Trainer, Seminar lecturer, AthensTrainers® Associate