Summer make-up

Ok girls, summer is here and it is too hot….what about our makeup?This summer, things are different since natural makeup is the new trend !

What does this mean?

Let’s see

  • Avoid highlighting your brows
  • Avoid too much contouring …just a little highlighting…use a small amount of make up -powder or concealer. If you prefer contouring, try the “sunkissed look”
  • Use eye shadows in pastel colors…. green, blue, rose, purple and lily…Be careful of the blue color…it is not suitable for all skins….

  • Apply eye liner only to the lower lash line or just to the outer edge of your lower lid
  • Use glossy lipsticks… the red tones are the most popular in this summer…

Remember to use a facial cleanser,  a good moisturizing cream and a sunscreen cream for protection. Natural look is the best choice!!!

Kyriaki Solomonidou, AthensTrainers® Associate