Take your vitamins

The world has changed, especially over the last hundred years.

We have changed the way we live: we eat more and move less. But most importantly: what are we really eating these days?

The land, and as a consequence fruit and vegetables, has lost over 50% of its nutrients compared to 50 years ago.
Even organic farming, which is still a positive thing, is unable to offer the same nutritional levels .

We eat but we don’t get nourishment. We eat huge amounts of sugar, carbohydrates, proteins, but very few micronutrients like vitamins and mineral salts, which are the primary source for helping our body to heal itself.

As a result we are obliiged to take food supplements to make sure we get enough vitamins, mineral salts and enzymes, which are essential for our organism.

It’s up to us to look after our bodies. With a little attention and awareness we can keep healthy and prevent even serious illnesses and diseases.