Tree pose with half lotus variation

Exercise of the week!

It is a standing posture that improves balance and concentration

Starting position: stand up with your full body weight on both feet, arms next to your thighs and your center/core engaged.

Focus to a certain spot or object and bring in more inner awareness

Shift your weight slowly to your left foot and lift your right foot off the ground…

With your left hand, bring your right ankle to the left side of your hips.

The sole of your foot should be facing the sky, and the top of your foot should rest on your leg or hip.

Place the right foot on the left adductor….

Bring your right and left hand to the center of your chest in prayer position

Bring your right hand behind the back inhaling and exhaling bend your elbow as if you wanted  to hug the waist in order  the right hand to come to meet the left foot and hold it …

When you are ready bring your left arm over your head

Hold this pose for for 5-8 breathing cycles and then repeat on the other side.

Engage the whole body.

Elongate your spine and extend the pose through the crown of your head while inhaling.

Don’ t forget to have the chest open forward.

During exhalation:

Relax the shoulders back and down away from the ears, keep your belly button in and up engaging your center/core,

Keep a strong form of your body, lengthen your right thigh and drop the right knee to the ground in order to increase flexibility to the hip joint

Fenia Vracha, Yoga & Pilates Instructor,  AthensTrainers Associate