What if it’s cold

Cold, cold, cold … .are we going to have training these days ???For many of us workout during cold days is a challenge.. a bet with ourselves that says: “l will have my training!!!”


Is it ok for our health ???

The  main goal during exercise is to keep your body  temperature stable to avoid hypothermia and protect bare body parts (hands, nose, ears, neck, etc.) from  frostbite . The normal body temperature for adults ranges from 36.8 ο   to 37.2 ο   C . When it drops below 35 ο  C hypothermia begins.

Proper clothing is the secret to workout safely in the cold. Have you ever heard the expression “dressed as an onion”? This is what we shoul do …. Your outfit should include many layers. Wear many light clothes rather than one heavy.

The cloth  called “the first layer”  should transfer sweat from the body to a more absorbent second one. It is important when you exercise in the cold to remain dry. Sport clothes that are made from polypropylene fabrics , nylon etc. … Known as “Dry Fit” help conductivity.

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Windproof and at the same time waterproof jacket is necessary to prevent the air reducing body’s temperature or ,in case of rain, to prevent moisture come close to the body. It should be light in order to prevent sweating and made of a proper material that permits body’s heat release.

Protect your hands, nose, ears and neck wearing gloves, cap and a scar.

During cold days the body loses heat from the head. A great accessory to protect the neck, face and  head is the Trooper protective that covers all sensitive spots.  Applying Vaseline to hands, nose, lips, chicks helps against skin irritation.


So… the workout begins …. !!!

Grigoris Dogas, Personal Trainer, Seminar lecturer, AthensTrainers® Associate