What is Airofit?

Airofit becomes your personal trainer of your respiratory muscles and helps you cope with breathing difficulties. It improves athletic performance and general well-being through proven breathing exercises. As you begin to exercise your diaphragm, you can breathe deeper as your lungs gain more room to expand. Your breathing rate decreases and so does your heart rate. If you wish to improve your quality of life, thenAirofit is for you!

Through the app,you have access to a virtual breathing coach who provides you with tailored training programs based on your chosen area of focus and you can even check your progress every step of the way.

-Improves overall performance in just a few weeks, with 5-10 minutes of daily training
-Helps all professional and amateur athletes to keep a steady pace during training
-Increases lung performance in less than 4 weeks
-Faster recovery time after exercising
-Improves your quality of sleep


Source airofit.com.gr