What is Quark cheese?

Quark has long been used by dieters as an alternative to more fatty creams and yoghurts and a source of healthy protein.

It’s officially a cheese, thanks to its soft dairy nature. It looks a little bit like yogurt and can be swapped into all sorts of recipes to cut back on fat or calories when replacing things like yogurt or cream.


Quark is mild and creamy, and is often likened to products like yogurt and cottage cheese. We think it is a little bit like a mix of both. It is mild, and neither sweet nor sour, like cottage cheese, but with the texture of a thick, yogurt.

100 gr of quark cheese contain:

Calories: 91
Protein: 11.82g.
Fat: 0 gr.
Fiber: 12.7gr.
Sugars 6.36gr.
Calcium: 91 mg

It can be used in plenty of sweet and savoury recipes that call for dairy staples.

Quark is now available in all the big supermarkets and online grocery shops.