Working out at home… exercises for  “the day after New Year’s Eve”

Today I have a mini program for you easily executed at home after the New Year’s Eve . So , do not feel guilty about neglecting your diet

Exercise 1

Squats: firm up the whole leg, specially glutes and quadriceps. Amazing exercise for hip area.

3sets x 15 reps / 1′ break in between.


Exercise  2

Lunges: they also firm and strengthen the whole leg, specially glutes.

3sets x 15 reps / 1′ break in between


Exercise 3

Push ups: a simple exercise not only for chest, but for arms and abdominals that engages 2-3 muscle groups simultaneously.

* Tip: execute on your knees to make the exercise easier. 3sets x

12-15 reps / 1 ‘break in between.


Exercise 4

Deeps: an exercise that will help firm up your triceps, a quite difficult area for women.

* Tip: bend knees to make it easier.

3 sets x 12-15 reps / 1 ‘ break in between.


Exercise 5

Sit ups: simple curl ups with “open legs to side” for  a flat belly.

3 sets x 15 reps / 1′ break in between.


Follow this exercise program and you will feel the changes in your body

Manos Vrontzakis, Personal Trainer, AthensTrainers® Associate