Yoga wheel: Backbend & stretch

Yoga wheel stretches shoulders, chest, abdomen and hips allowing you to to move even deeper into your asanas.

You can use it to warm up and improve your flexibility..

Backbend & stretch: exercise of the week!

From a seated position, place the yoga wheel against your back. Roll over and lie down on the wheel, relax your neck  and make sure your chest is lifted up to the ceiling. Bring your hands overhead and clasp the bottom of the wheel that’s closest to your ears.. Rest for 5 – 8 breaths.

yoga wheel

Varvara Solomonidou,Wellness Specialist, Personal Trainer, Seminar & Conference Lecturer, Pilates Master Trainer “AthensTrainers® Ultimate Pilates System®”, Member of Pilates Method Alliance (PMA),  Member of European Lifestyle Medicine Organization (ELMO), DNAFit®  Certified Trainer, General Manager & Owner of AthensTrainers®

Sofia Papageorga, Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, AthensTrainers® Associate

Photos: Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou

Source: Body Magazine,