5 Ways To Upgrade Your Workout

You’re working out, feeling fit and seeing results but there’s still something missing and you don’t know what it is. Even though we’re creatures of habit and perform better when we fit comfortably in a routine, we still need variation to keep our minds and bodies fully focused, lest we fall into a repetitive and boring cycle. This may be what is hampering your workout so we got hold of our sports scientist to see what insights she could give us in terms of upgrading your workout and keeping your fitness the most challenging and productive it can be.

  1. Modify Your Training

Modify your exercises. It’s that simple and can be applied to all aspects of your training session. Instead of the normal plank, try a rotational plank or plank on a Bosu ball to engage your core muscles. Instead of a normal pull up do a burpee pull.  Do super sets that can cut an hour workout into 30 minutes and burn more calories.

You can use different gym equipment as well. Instead of using dumbbells try using kettlebells or the medicine ball for exercises that you would have used dumbbells or weights for. But, it doesn’t stop there. Modify the way you train altogether by trying out Zumba, pilates or even Crossfit, for the brave. Modifying your exercises will incorporate new muscles you didn’t even know existed and once you see the results you’ll thank us for your new lean, mean machine of a body.

  1. Add Resistance

Resistance is futile. So you’ve been training at a fair clip now and are in the zone but you feel as though the training you’re doing is becoming a little too easy, even though you’re tentative about going heavier. No worries. The solution is in increasing the how repelled your body is from the goals its attempting to achieve and breaking through that barrier.

It’ll feel like finally getting the girl after a process of courting that’s slowly become akin to psychological warfare. The same goes for dead lifts where you can make use of resistance bands to up the force that you’re using thus burning more calories or using the cables at your gym. Resistance training can be applied to any aspect of your training. It can be described as an exercise that causes the muscles to contract against external resistance with increases in strength, tone, mass and endurance.

  1. Vary Your Cardio

A good cardio routine is one of the key ingredients to building strength throughout your entire body while making you leaner and getting your heart working efficiently. It’s possible, though, that you’ve fallen into the trap of relying on too much of one specific type of cardio when you could be opening your body up to new exercises and possibilities with the wide array of exercises you could be mastering.

Instead of cycling or running all of the time, try upgrading to rowing or swimming for endurance that will work a new set of muscles. It’s also possible to upgrade the cardio you’re used to by including some strength in your morning run by integrating push ups, lunges, dips and varying intensities into your workout.


  1. Music Momentum Mania

Do you love music? Is it impossible for you train without the soundtrack of your life booming in the background? Well, there’s a reason why when things are getting intense during a spinning class that the hardstyle starts booming overhead. Music is proven to have a unique effect on the way a person trains. Studies have shown that music distracts people from pain and fatigue, elevates mood, increases endurance, reduces perceived effort and may even promote metabolic efficiency.

Increasing your music from 120 beats to 140 beats will boost your motivation and get you moving even more. That’s even more motivation to turn up the music and get training. How else do you think those kids can go for hours all day and all night at festivals like Glasto and Coachella? Yes, the music…obviously.

  1. It’s called DNAFit

Even if everyone in your life left you and you were all alone you’d still be stuck with one thing, and that’s you. Did you know that your genes never change? Yes, you may exist in a different environment and treat your body differently at varying stages of your life but you’ll always essentially be you. So, doesn’t it make sense that your workout should be about you?

With DNAFit your fitness becomes personal. After dong the test and getting your report back you’ll understand yourself on a whole new level. It’s a revolutionary science that incorporates genetics into the way you interact with the external world. If you’re really looking to upgrade your workout then it seriously makes sense to cut out all the guesswork and know definitively what works and what doesn’t before you start on your journey.


Kostas Karagiannopoulos

Business Development  Manager
DNAFit in Greece & Cyprus