Aqua Fitness Seminar

AthensTrainers® organizes educational seminar about Aqua Fitness, Saturday  April 1st 2023 , 13:00-17:30 p.m.

Participants  feel lighter and move easier in the water. The lack of gravity, the low body temperature, the water resistance that massages the body make aqua training a unique experience. Learn how to organize an aqua training session and it is sure that it will make you love it.


1. Introduction

-Physical properties of water

-Benefits of exercising in water

2. Aqua Training: Designing the workout

-Warm up

-Main part

  • Aqua Aerobic
  • Muscle strengthening in water
  • Stretching in water

3. Aqua Training for kids

4. Equipment

This seminar is designed for both  Fitness & Health  Professionals (Certified TEFAA Teachers, Pilates & Yoga Instructors, Physiotherapists etc).

Instructor: Grigoris Dogas

Location: AQUA swimming center

Information & Registration: 6950614115/