Healthy Spine Back Stretching on the T-Bow®

1. A healthy back is a comprehensive pursuit that encompasses, among others: meticulous balance and coordination, well-balanced strength in the pelvic-back complex, finely tuned mobility of the spine within its inherent curvatures,
heightened awareness of one’s bodily parts, and a positive emotional state.
2. The T-BOW® is uniquely designed to replicate the natural curvature of the lumbar spine, offering corrective benefits for those with excessive or insufficient lordosis. It provides therapeutic advantages by helping correct spinal alignment
through lying on it, making it suitable for a wide range of individuals.

3.The T-BOW®’s high reactivity and anatomical support enhance kinesiological fixation of the back, preventing stable vertebrae from sinking and allowing for precise postural adjustments. Combining back extensions and rotations on the
T-BOW® is vital for maintaining spine mobility.


The T-BOW® is designed with a curvature that mimics the natural lordosis of the lumbar spine, with a range between 30-60 degrees. This unique design (40 and 50 degrees forthe plastic and wood versions, respectively) offers corrective benefits for individuals with excessive or insufficient lordosis. For those with excessive lordosis, lying backward on the T-Bow® corrects the spine to a normal position, while individuals with less than normal lordosis experience spine stretching to achieve the correct alignment.

Prolonged sitting often leads to reduced flexible lordosis, causing stress onintervertebral discs. Simply lying on the T-Bow® and engaging the abdominal muscles helps reposition the vertebrae and creates additional space for organs in the abdominal region.

The curvature’s challenge for the spine strikes a balance between offering enough challenge for therapeutic benefits and ensuring safety and stability. This anatomically supportive design prevents excessive pressure on the vertebrae, making the T-Bow® suitable for a wide range of individuals, including those with pronounced spinal curvatures.

The T-Bow®’s high reactivity, paired with a comfortable mat on the convex part, enhances kinesiological fixation of the back. This responsiveness provides precise feedback, allowing for postural adjustments and balancing of the entire spine. Unlike softer surfaces, the T-Bow® prevents sinking of the back and facilitates quick postural feedback adjustments.

Diverse positions on the T-Bow® facilitate mobilization and stretching exercises, emphasizing upper and lower back extensions, flexions, rotations, lateral tilts, and combinations of these movements. The T-Bow® provides support for the executor’s relief in a supine position, enabling physiological mobilization and stretching of the spine. This experience is further optimized using the T-Box®.

Its convex anatomical shape prevents stable vertebrae from sinking, offering slight mobilizing pressure and segmental mobilization. Combining back extensions and rotations on the T-Bow® is crucial for maintaining healthy levels of spine mobility and back stretching.

Additionally, the T-Bow® enables the optimization of highly reactive and precise static-dynamic balance situations in various postural arrangements, making it accessible to a broad range of individuals.


By S Bonacina