Backward lunges and side jumps

Exercise of the weeek!

Backward lunges using a powerbag as an extra weight + side jumps over the powerbag…combine these exercises and focus on strengthening the legs, enhancing your explosive power and your general physical condition.

Follow the next 6 steps:

1.  Start upright, standing position, holding the powerbag with your right hand


2. Left backward lunge keeping the right knee joint in 90ο. Keep the right knee behind your toes


3. Return to starting position and repeat for 10-12 reps. When finished, place the powerbag beside your right foot

4. Jump over the powerbag for 11 reps. End at the other side for your new starting position


5. Right backward lunge keeping the left knee joint in 90ο. Keep the left knee behind your toes. When finished, place the powerbag beside your left foot


6. Complete your set with 11 side jumps

* Repeat the whole cycle 1 or 2 times

** The number of sets and reps vary depending the trainee ‘s level of physical condition


  • Using a kettlebell
  • Using your body weight, jumping over a low hurdles or a cone or a drawn line on the floor

Why choosing combinations of exercises:

  • Better performance
  • Better neuromuscular coordination
  • Better quality of life
  • Better balance
  • Increased metabolic rate

Grigoris Dogas, Personal Trainer, Seminar lecturer, AthensTrainers® Associate