Cancer Zodiac Sign

Oh come on my friend…not so slowly… please!!! Our company is very anxious…Welcome our friend Cancer! How are you? Is everything ok?…I see you a little tired…well I would like to give you some advises… I know that you are in love with food. You adore these special pasta, creams and sweets! Oh yes, the meal time is a happy time for you. I hear you singing…But remember you have a sensitive stomach and teeth… You have no problems spending hours preparing a meal. Canning, preserving even freezing foods helps fill your need to feel that you have plenty of the essentials in store for the future. You must above all control your cravings for sweets and all regressive food, your soft spot. Pay attention to your digestion and take time to chew properly. You tend to eat until you are full enough not to be able to breathe. Don’t do that please… I know very well that you are an emotional eater. But what about your health and your body shape?

So I would suggest you to eat many vegetables and fruits. Cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce, potatoes, turnips, tomatoes, grapes, coconuts, lemons, oranges, mandarin oranges, pineapples and fish are very good for you. Remember that, the calcium fluoride is your biochemical salt. Just for the sake of remaining in good shape, it is preferable to pay attention to what you eat and to have your meals at set times.

But there is something else too… You need not only a proper diet, but a sport training too. These two things will help you very much!!! The swimming, the water polo, the cycling  are excellent sports for you.

Don’t be so sad…We care about you and we love you, because you are a very kind and sensitive guy.

What is coming next?… Oh, the proud Leon is coming…so stay tuned!!!

Article by Kyriaki Solomonidou


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