Dietary fibres in everyday diet

Dietary fibres contribute significantly to the normal bowel function.


A varied and balanced diet, rich in dietary fibres has been proved to help in better appetite control, since fibres bring an early feeling of satisfaction that results in better weight control, in the framework of a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, it has a significant role in the reduction or avoidance of constipation and other disorders of the intestine (e.g. spastic colitis) and contributes to the reduction of high cholesterol levels, while at the same time maintaining stable glucose levels in blood.

Let’s see how you can have a balanced diet, rich in dietary fibres with only a few simple changes in your diet habits:

1. Start your day with a bowl of cereals. Prefer whole grain cereals or muesli, i.e. oat flakes mixed with dried fruit and nuts.


2. Add fruits – fresh or dried – in your everyday diet. You should prefer eating the whole fruit than drinking its juice, since juices have less fibre.

3. Prepare tasty and nutritious snacks that are rich in dietary fibres, such as light fudges with whole wheat flour or crispy oat biscuits. In order to add more creativity to your dishes, you may also use dark brown sugar.

4. Prepare meals with whole grain pasta, cracked wheat and serve them with rye bread or whole wheat bread.


So start making small changes to your everyday diet. If you are consistent and follow a good system, small steps will bring great and significant results!