Pilatesstick the most amazing  fitness gadget, a portable body sculpting system and …not expensive…ideal for personal or group training at home, at pilates & yoga studios, at a personal training studio or a gym.

The repertoire allows you to do much of the work usually reserved for the Pilates Tower and makes  traditional mat exercises even more intense.

The repertoire includes:

Roll down series, Foot-leg-abs supine series, Using the loops, Arms supine series, Kneeling series, Standing series, Side lying series, Prone series.

Seminar Facilities: Manual, Exercise guide dvd  and inetrnational certification

Sunday, April 14  11:00 – 18:00

Instructor: Solomonidou  Varvara

This seminar is designed for Certified TEFAA Teachers, TEFAA Students, Physiotherapists and Graduates of corresponding Foreign Universities Recognized by the Greek State according  to the  Greek Legislation.

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