Everything in its time… diet and creams in August

Oh yes, we are in August…everybody is on vacation…almost everybody…Let’s see which were the experts’ s advises…

During this month avoid glutinous vegetables with thick juices, such as mallow and all wild greens. Eat beet, blites and gourd.

Among meats take lamb and castrated kid with hare and gazelle till the 15th of the month. I do not know where you will find hare and gazelle in nowadays… Our ancestors could not imagine that one day these animals would be endangered species…. Lean meat served hot with honey vinegar. All hens, chickens and pigeons may be eaten without danger…I’m not sure of that…. everybody knows what chickens eat in nowadays…

Among fresh fish, flatfish and rich-fleshed kinds, should be taken occasionally with a mustard dip. Take fresh fruits, including figs, grapes, pears, yellow plums, ripe peaches and the like. Ruse, savory, leeks, cress, radish, mustard and at last garlic should be avoided. You can use capers, green olives, almonds and of course light and aromatic wines and rose one.

Four baths in the course of this month. August is not so warm month…we do not spend water…if you like you could swim in the sea, in a river, or in a lake or in a fountain…It is very trendy… What about sex? I really do not know…they said nothing. Do not even think of it…

That’ s all for August… Have a good time!!!

We will come back in September…always for the best!!!!

Article by Kyriaki Solomonidou, AthensTrainers® Associate

SOURCE :  TASTES OF BYZANTIUM: The cousine of a legendary empire  Andrew Dalby