Everything in its time… diet and creams in September

Here we are, in September…we all came back from vacations and we are full of energy to continue our daily program…

So, let’s see what our ancestors recommend us to eat this month…

All kinds of bitter foods should be eaten, in particular boiled leeks, fresh leeks, leek soup, boiled garlic and garlic in a spicy sauce….I do not like it, do you?  Garlic, kinds of bitter foods…Oh my God….but I think they knew much more than us….

Among meat, lamb, among birds, pigeons and geese and quails (chicks and hens), ducks and wood pigeons and turtle doves and partridges. Beef, along with deer, gazelle, fallow deer, hare and wild boar should be avoided…. Among fish, grey mullet, corkwing and all scaleless fish may be eaten. Among pulses broad beans, lentils and grass peas are to be avoided…others may be eaten. All kinds of asparagus and “cepes de Bordeaux” may be eaten. Among fruits white grapes…this is great…wild pears, sweet apples, green figs, peaches and nectarines, pomegranates, dates, quinces may all eaten.

Pistachioes, walnuts, almonds and pine kernels are very good in this month!  You can drink white and olive-oil-colored wines and rose and wormwood wines….be careful with this…. I suggest you the rose wines….do not experiment with wormwood ones…you never know….

Eight baths, using lotion….Oh yes, use a very good lotion with nice perfume….you see our ancestors allow us to make love!

This is September….I do not know what we expect in the next month, October….until then, take care yourself and enjoy your life!!!

Article by Kyriaki Solomonidou, AthensTrainers® Associate

SOURCE :  TASTE OF BYZANTIUM (The cuisine of a Legendary Empire) Andrew Dalby.