Eyebrow Implantation

Eyebrow implantation is addressed to people with limited eyebrow hair or none at all. The temporary solution, thus far, has been permanent tattoo or even eye pencil. Most of the time, though, the results that these options produce are not what the patient desires.

It is a fact that perfectly shaped eyebrows help with face symmetry, the look is dynamic and the eyes appear more intense.

eyebrow transplant

Today, by utilizing an advanced  hair transplant technique, you have the ability to fully restore partial hair thinning or complete hair loss of the eyebrows.

During the operation, individual hair follicles are transplanted from the head to the eyebrows, in order to repair hair growth in the area.

Eyebrow implantation requires precise movements, a specialized doctor and accuracy during the placement phase in order to achieve permanent, aesthetically perfect, results.

μεταμόσχευση φρυδιών

Eyebrow implantation, using the FUE hair transplant technique, is a mild operation, performed under local anesthesia.
For the 3 to 5 hours that process in ongoing, the patient can talk with the medical team, watch TV or just relax.

After the operation, the patient is fit to drive and return to his home.
The results are visible between 3 and 6 months.

Source: www.kordhairclinics.gr