Fit Smiling Kids Educational Seminar

Children adopt the lifestyle of adults both in student life as well as in their spare time.

AthensTrainers®  designs and runs programs for our little friends combining gymnastics with game.

Our aim is :

  • The education in basic movement ( sitting, running, rhythm and direction changes)
  • The development of natural capacity (general strengthening, coordination, sync, elasticity, balance and kinesthisis)
  • Obtaining a good body posture-orthosomia
  • Developing self- confidence (each child is a young athlete)

The Fit Smiling Kids seminar includes:

  • Pilates 4 Kids
  • SPI 4 kids
  • Summer activites in and out of the water

Pilates 4 Kids

Pilates exercises can be combined with play and fun in order to be suitable for children!

Children study many hours, grow abruptly and adopt a scooped posture which creates many problems on their spine!!! The Pilates exercise system can be part of their routine physical education program in the form of a game so as not to be considered a burden but a fun activity.

The AthensTrainers® Ultimate Pilates System®  team has created a pilates pair program based on mimetism, good sportsmanship and competition!!!

The exercise program includes 45 pair exercises accompanied by a description of story / motion simulation, so that children already have an image in their minds. Children are in pairs, in different positions, sides and levels. They move in opposite or same direction as a mirror.

SPI for Kids

A training program which aims to introduce our little friends to exercise through play.

• Basic motor skills
• Creating a group
• Safety
• Equipment ideas
• Team games ideas

Summer activites inside and outside of the water

• Swimming and playing at the beach/pool
• Water exercises
• Organizing kids
• Games in and out of the water


Training material:

The student receives a folder with informative material, pen, block and  manuals with photos.


Atthe same day you will receive the Certificate of Attendance.


Varvara Solomonidou, Grigoris Dogas




10:00 -19:00


Iera Odos 307, Aigaleo (close to Metro station)

This seminar is designed for Certified TEFAA Teachers, TEFAA Students, Physiotherapists and Graduates of corresponding Foreign Universities Recognized by the Greek State according  to the  Greek Legislation.

Information & Registration: 6950614115/