Children adopt the lifestyle of adults both in student life as well as in their spare time.

AthensTrainers®  designs and runs programs for our little friends combining gymnastics with game.

Our aim is :

  • The education in basic movement ( sitting, running, rhythm and direction changes)
  • The development of natural capacity (general strengthening, coordination, sync, elasticity, balance and kinesthisis)
  • Obtaining a good body posture-orthosomia
  • Developing self- confidence (each child is a young athlete)

The Fit Smiling Kids seminar includes:

  • Pilates 4 Kids
  • SPI 4 kids
  • Summer activites in and out of the water

Pilates 4 Kids

Pilates exercises can be combined with play and fun in order to be suitable for children!

Children study many hours, grow abruptly and adopt a scooped posture which creates many problems on their spine!!! The Pilates exercise system can be part of their routine physical education program in the form of a game so as not to be considered a burden but a fun activity.

The AthensTrainers® Ultimate Pilates System®  team has created a pilates pair program based on mimetism, good sportsmanship and competition!!!

The exercise program includes 45 pair exercises accompanied by a description of story / motion simulation, so that children already have an image in their minds. Children are in pairs, in different positions, sides and levels. They move in opposite or same direction as a mirror.

SPI for Kids

A training program which aims to introduce our little friends to exercise through play.

• Basic motor skills
• Creating a group
• Safety
• Equipment ideas
• Team games ideas

Summer activites inside and outside of the water

• Swimming and playing at the beach/pool
• Water exercises
• Organizing kids
• Games in and out of the water


Training material:

The student receives a folder with informative material, pen, block and  manuals with photos.


Atthe same day you will receive the Certificate of Attendance.


Varvara Solomonidou, Grigoris Dogas




10:00 -19:00


Iera Odos 307, Aigaleo (close to Metro station)

This seminar is designed for both Fitness & Health Professionals (Personal Trainers, Certified TEFAA Teachers, Pilates & Yoga Instructors, Physiotherapists etc).

Information & Registration: 6950614115/