Double, single, sweet or plain, in an ember or coffee-pot, whether as bubbly foam or over-boiled.


• Boosts mood and brain function,

• Improves mental & athletic performance

• Antioxidant

• Pritects from diabetes and cardiovascular disease

• Reduces the risk of depression, Alzheimer’s disease and various cancers 

• Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and increases blood circulation 


Side effects:

Increased consumption may cause:
• Headache
• Panic attack
• Anxiety
• Insomnia


Frequent consumption of sweet coffee may increase the risk of obesity and diabetes type II

If you need  sugar to your coffee, choose brown sugar or stevia.


Locum contains only 60 calories / serving and therefore is a good choise when you want to taste something sweet!

Stella Sideratou, Dietitian – Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, Reflegologist, Pilates Trainer