Green Training…Morning workout using a bench!

Today’s way of living and general lifestyle have kept us away from nature. We work in an office or at home, to the theatre or cinema, to a restaurant and etc. and we always use the car.

Time is precious and there is not much free time. People have already adopted a sitting way of life.

The combination of nature, social interaction and exercise is sure to benefit your physical and mental health. Are you ready to try something different?

Outdoor activity, conducted in a natural or green environment, causes greater feelings of revitalisation and positive engagement . Green exercise activities also improve self-esteem and negative mood subscales, such as tension, anger and depression.  On the other hand,regular training causes reduction in the physiological parameters of blood pressure, lowers heart disease risk, improves blood circulation and strengthens Skeletal, Muscular, Immune and other Systems of our body.

Start your day…put a towel, a bottle of water, an elastic band and your morning snack in your backbag.


“Your personal gym” …in other words, a bench…and get ready!!!! Morning workout!!!

Leg Workout: 5 exercises to blast your legs

1: squats to the bench


2: single leg squat

me ena podi

3: step up on the bench


4: V crunch on the bench


5: scissors


1 set X 12 reps each exercise in a row without a break. Relax for 30” when you complete all 5 exercises and repeat 1 or 2 times more.

Grogoris Dogas, Prsonal Trainer, Seminar lecturer, AthensTrainers® Associate


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