The T-BOW® stands out for its exceptional high reactivity, facilitating swift and precise postural adjustments.

Featuring a unique axis of unbalance, this tool presents a distinctive balance challenge, making it more accessible to a diverse range of practitioners compared to alternatives like the Bosu or Togu, which have softer surfaces and multiple axes of unbalance.

The T-BOW®’s edges provide secure hand grip options, preventing wrist strain and excessive finger extension.

It’s crucial to avoid placing the head directly on the concavity of the T-BOW®. Instead, using a support—preferably thin yet comfortably firm—ensures high reactivity, enabling quick feedback and aiding in precise postural adjustments during inverted poses.

An enriching practice involves alternating 1-2 attempts of the headstand on both the flat floor and the T-BOW®. This can be extended to other surfaces, prioritizing those with high reactivity for a varied and comprehensive experience.


 by Lilly Koutsandrea