You will only need 2 ingredients to make this delicious and healthy  ice cream..


  • Ripe and peeled bananas
  • Honey
  • Yellow food colour (optionally)


From the previous night, slice 2 bananas and put them in the freezer for at least 8 to 12 hours.

The next morning, put the frozen bananas in the multi and add 2 tbsp.of honey and a few drops of the yellow food color (optional) to make the banana color more intense yellow.

σπιτικό παγωτό

You can replace your evening  snack with 1 tbsp. of this delicious and healthy ice cream

tbsp = tablespoon

You can use any fruit you like, strawberries, watermelon, cherry, etc.



Stella Sideratou, Dietitian – Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, Reflegologist, Pilates Trainer