Mio pillow

Customizable bed pillow for any sleeps.Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. The benefits of a good night’s sleep are countless: it’s just as important as eating healthy and exercising. Being well rested allows us to perform at our maximum potential, both physically and mentally. And that’s why a pillow choice is really important.

Everyone is built differently. We all have different habits and body types, which means we all have different sleeping needs. Most pillows you find on Amazon will hardly fit your sleeping needs. Mio Pillow is the first customizable bed pillow.

Step 1: set the hight:Keep 4 layers if you sleep on a side, remove 1 layer if you sleep on your back or use only 2 layers if you sleep on your stomach.

Step 2: set the temperature: You have 2 toppers to use. The first topper is made of Thermofresh, a highly transpirant material that transmits moisture away and keeps your head fresh during a hot summer night. The second is made of Vesna, a low porosity foam that provides a warming action for cold winter nights .

Step 3: finetune the support: By switching the layers under your topper, you can choose between a firmer pillow so that your neck has stronger support, or a softer pillow to gently sink into.

The bricks will always match perfectly thanks to our modular design. Switching the combination of layers is easy and fast. The bricks won’t ever slip during the night with the foam’s high quality grip strength.

mio pillow

Switch the 4 layers position and create up to 10 different combination, each one with a specific mix of height, freshness and support!

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