Myths and facts about sugar

Could it be that sugar is a misunderstood ingredient? Could regulated sugar consumption be good for our body?

Quite often we blame sugar for our extra weight and we feel guilty, even if we add just a single teaspoon of sugar in our coffee.  However, the truth is that sugar, like all plain sugars, is indispensable for our diet since it gives us energy and is an important “fuel” for everyday needs, always with moderation.
Sugar is a natural sweetener that comes mainly from the process of sugar cane. The less the process, the more the nutrients supplied to the body. For this reason, specialists recommend the use of raw cane or dark brown sugar instead of white, within a balanced diet.
Raw cane and dark brown sugar undergo less industrial process compared to white sugar. They have, of course, almost the same calories, but more trace elements such as zinc, copper, phosphorus, manganese and certain vitamins, particularly of the B-complex.
Another natural sweetener that can be alternatively used instead of sugar, especially by people who experience health problems such as diabetes, is fructose that comes from fruits, honey or vegetables.
The benefits of sugar for our body are quite significant. This is not strange at all! All foods have their own place and value in our diet.  First of all, sugar is an immediate source of energy, as all plain sugars. So it is good to add sugar to your breakfast (a teaspoon of raw cane or dark brown sugar in your coffee for example), that will give you the energy to start your day. If feeling tired or in need of extra energy, before heading to the gym, for example, sugar intake will boost your body energy and lighten your tiredness as blood sugar levels will increase. Moreover, certain studies have shown that sugar consumption may help in stress reduction and may ease concentration difficulties.

So, for all above reasons, do not be afraid of sugar! Just replace white sugar with raw cane or dark brown sugar, use it with moderation, always within a balanced diet and enjoy sweet delights without guilt!