Natural Remedies for Sunburn

While careful sun exposure can be very beneficial, sunburn can be very harmful and should absolutely be avoided.

Here are some natural remedies that will reduce the pain and redness quickly but also help the body heal and hopefully minimize the damage in case of sunburn:

  • Hydration: a sunburn, like any kind of burn, causes skin dehydration, so hydration is important to help the recovery process. Try drinking lots of water, herbal teas, kombucha and water kefir to keep hydrated.

  • Aloe vera is an age-old remedy for sunburn. It can be very cooling. The plant works better than a gel or lotion. If you use a gel, look for a high quality one without preservatives.
  • Essential Oils like Lavender and helichrysum can also help soothe the burn and speed recovery. You can mix them in a bottle of water bottle and spritz on the skin as needed.
  • Yogurt is very cooling and it seems to literally absorb the heat from your burned skin. Apply it daily on sunburns and it takes about 4-5 applications to eliminate the redness.