Nature of T-BOW® YOGA

The development philosophy of Yoga with T-BOW® is to provide a selection of differential resources of T-BOW® to facilitate, enrich and expand the postures and postural chains of Yoga from a holistic perspective of optimization of the person that allows a personalized postural education.

The basis of the exercises arises from the proposals that the inventor of T-BOW®, Sandra Bonacina (, has designed by investigating the needs of motor physiotherapy applied to training with T-BOW® at the University of Zurich (Switzerland), since 1994.

This repertoire of postural exercises with T-BOW® and its combination with the ancient experiences of postural development of Yoga are applied to the resources of education and postural training proposed by the Master of Teachers Francisco Seirul·lo Vargas ( to achieve an extraordinary optimization of posture.

Special attention is paid to people with very basic levels of balance, strength and mobility being able to evolve in their postural optimization with confidence and satisfaction.

Methodologies experienced by artistic gymnastics trainers are applied to give security to the practitioner, especially in inverted postures.

The essence of Yoga (asanas or postures, pranayamas or breathing exercises, relaxation and awareness-meditation) is taken care of with emphasis on self-control, self-evaluation and reflection to optimize self-knowledge and awareness, thus enabling the highest levels of well-being and personal satisfaction.

The first YOGA experiences with T-BOW® have been developed in 2009 by yoga teacher F.Xavier García-Navarro at his Ganesh School (

Areas of application:

A) Postural health for daily life, work activity and the re-education of postural problems (hygienic-reeducational perspective).

B) Postural education that optimizes the person for life (educational perspective).

C) Motor performance posture without injury, expressive motor performance posture and a personal aesthetic posture (expressive-creative perspective).