“Pilates for kids” stories

Pilates exercises can be combined with play and fun in order to be suitable for children!

pilates kids

Just before Pure Monday, our story begins with the little carnivalists sleeping (breathing) until the bright  sun rises  annoing  their eyes (they turn their heads right-left), stretch (elongate arms and legs), turn to each other and stretch together (sitting face to face  with legs straightened and wide apart,  feet together, grabing each other’s hands , performing alternately forward bend / seesaw, rolldown & stretch) and finally get up and start their journey through the forest to reach the grand parade of carnival.

They walk in the woods (walking behind each other), smell its fragrances (breathing), cut flowers (perform squats, cut pine cones from the trees (tiptoes, jumps).
They see bridges (perform shoulder bridge), pass beneath them, cross hills (perform downward dog), jump over small rocks (colored tiles in the ground).

They meet turtles on the edge of the pond (they lie in prone position and salute -swan preparation), they swim (swimming  in supine position), they swing like boats ……
What a great time they have!!!

They must hurry… they have been delayed… jogging… jogging, trail turns , low passageways, side steps, crossings over large rocks (hands on the ground, one foot raised alternately).

At last… .they arrived… ..they have made a  long and difficult journey, they have to rest a little before they start getting on the parade floats (they lie down forming a human plat and breathe).

That is how 50 minutes of fun were spent!
Happy Halloween!


Christina Nikolia, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, AthensTrainers® Associate

Source: iefimerida.gr