Sage Herb Health Benefits

//Sage Herb Health Benefits

The sage plant is a member of the genus Salvia, a word that comes from the Latin verb that means “to cure”. A part of traditional herbal medicine for centuries, sage may have significant health benefits that can help you avoid illness.

Sage leaves and tinctures made from the plant are  traditional remedies for inflammation of the mouth and other parts of the gastrointestinal tract, to calm intestinal spasms and to treat gastritis and diarrhea. In addition, sage is sometimes applied topically to treat eczema, acne and minor skin injuries. Sage may also have antimicrobial properties and could be useful when applied topically to fight bacterial and viral infections.

Sage may have other potential health benefits, including protecting against diabetes.

Because of its distinctive, pleasant odor, sage oil is used traditionally in aromatherapy, to lessen feelings of depression and stress.

Although considered a safe herb in general, some people may experience side effects that include dryness or irritation of the mouth. In addition, sage contains a compound called thujone, which can cause increased heart rate and confusion if the herb is consumed for long periods of time.




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