Single leg – Kettlebell Deadlift

Exercise of the week! An ideal exercise for muscle strength,  coordination, balance and hip mobility.

Start in standing position holding a kettlebell in the right  hand . Inhale and hinge your right hip back while also hinging your knee until you have a  flat back and lowering the  kettlebell to the floor.  The moving leg should be straight out behind you.  Exhale and  return to starting position.


  • Keep the stabilizing leg slightly bent
  • Keep your pelvis parallel to the ground
  • Hold the kettlebell firmly avoiding bending your elbow
  • You can extend your free arm over your shoulder, aligned with the lifted leg
  • Keep your chest open and lower your torso as far as you feel comfortable


  • Perform the exercise on a step  and lower your torso  even more
  • Hold the kettlebell with the opposite hand
  • Hold 2 kettlebells, one in each hand

Grigoris Dogas, Personal Trainer, Seminar lecturer, AthensTrainers® Associate