Sit-ups with a dumbbell

Exercise of the week!

Starting Position
Supine position,  bent legs , feet on the floor hip width apart, feet flex, arms extended holding the dumbbell up towards the ceiling.


Inhale and during exhalation perform a full sit up with your arms coming overhead. Articulate your spine on the way up.

Return to starting position engaging your abdominals and articulating your spine bringing the dumbbell over your shoulders.



Perform this exercise slowly, sliding your back on the way up and curving your torso while you return. Arms are fully extended when reaching the siting position .


Dumbbell is a piece of equipment used in weight training. You can use one or two Dumbbells. You can also use Tonic Talls,medicineball or a cross fit plate.


Abdominal muscles support the center of our body. This exercise engages deeper layers of ABS and improves our body posture and torso 

Article by Dimoutsos Evangelos, Personal Trainer, AthensTrainers® Associate

Editing by Varvara Solomonidou