Spi Training System® at Mpimpiza-Ilion

AthensTrainers® organizes Spi Training System®, a unique exercise program to enhance your physical condition.

Training sessions will take place every Saturday…the next session will be on Saturday November 19,  at Mpimpiza- Ilion (meeiting point: the parking on Mpimpiza street)


SPI is a complete training system for the whole body aiming to improve all parameters of physical condition (endurance, power, speed, agility, flexibility). Everybody can join the workout . SPI can be adapted to all levels of physical condition, from the beginners to the more advanced trainees… even to athletes. It combines specific types of exercises chosen from a wide variety of sports and sporting activities. It is one of the most popular exercises methods that aims to all ages.

Cost: 5€ per session

Information: 6950614115 / info@athenstrainers.gr