How to stop leg muscle cramps

Cramps can be a real nightmare. Leg cramps most commonly hit your calves and hamstrings. Sometimes they seem to come out of nowhere, but they can also be clearly related to your movements.

Treating a Muscle Cramp


Relax the cramping muscle. Stop any activity that may have induced the cramp and lightly stretch the muscle, gently holding the stretch. You may even massage the muscle while or after you stretch.


Another possible way to stop leg cramps is to hydrate. It might take a little longer to address your pain, but once you have had water or a sports drink with electrolytes, you could prevent another cramp.


If you regularly have leg cramps that are not related to a more serious condition, you might try adding more magnesium to your diet. Nuts and seeds are excellent sources of magnesium. Doctors recommend it for patients with leg cramps.


Get Moving

If you are experiencing leg cramps, the best thing that you can do is walk around. This will send the signal that your muscle needs to contract and then relax.