Varvara Solomonidou

Her motto being “What happens in Mykonos stays in Mykonos”, therefore “change your life with us” in Mykonos, Varvara Solomonidou  – also known as “Barbie” of the northern suburbs – fitness Instructor, Wellness  Instructor, Personal Trainer and founder of the “AthensTrainers” company and the “AthensTrainers Ultimate Pilates System” is inviting us for a summer training on the island.

How can we say no to her?

An everlasting value of Mykonos…The feeling of freedom someone feels the moment they set their foot on the island and this seems from the energy of this magical island…

What would you restore from Mykonos of the past?

Vengera…a night club that Mykonos misses and is still on everyone’s lips. And my friend Stavros who managed to left his mark on the island in his own manner.

How do you imagine Mykonos in 2023?

No one can imagine how Mykonos will be in 10 years’ time, even the locals couldn’t have imagined what the island would look like a decade ago.

Working out and holiday making: Can they co-exist?

Of course! Provided they work out…with me and my team! (laughter). I went to the island with my friend and exerciser of mine Katerina  Yiatzoglou…She used to call me “Barbie of the northern suburbs”, a nickname that some still remember…So, fifteen years ago I introduced both the local and the tourists the need for fitness and wellness and I was the first to leave my mark on an island where having fun had been their key pick. It looked funny, but this is how things were and still are.

What is the new fitness trend?

Functional training and cross training. Working out by taking advantage of your body weight with any aobject, anywhere. Something we have been doing for years.


Mykonos Magazine Summer 2013