Why am I not losing weight even though I go to the gym?

Summer is here, your marriage approaches, you want to fit into your favorite pants or you just want to change your lifestyle. Usually the goal is common. Lose weight.

Decision : You will go to a gym. You put on your new athletic wear and shoes and make an annual subscription. You start doing aerobics, tae-bo, spinning, elliptical, treadmill and still you have not lost weight.

Something has gone wrong. You probably forgot to adjust your diet. Simple math,. If you get more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. So you started training and you started eating more food thinking that  it’ s ok since you exercise.

What can you do?

Do 45′ aerobic exercise 3 to 4 times a week to boost fat metabolism.

You also have to exercise with resistance (weights, body weight exercises, bands, etc.) to boost  your basic metabolism. This will help you achieve better results and improve your physical condition.

Finally, a DNAFit test will also show you the type of training that is genetically proper for you in order to lose weight.  Combined with a diet from a nutritionist you will definitely achieve the best results.

Vaggelis Spanoudakis, Personal Trainer, AthensTrainers® Associate,«Fit SmilingKids» Associate

Source Body Magazine