Yoga kids stories: Vangelis’s adventures

An August afternoon. Vangelis and his friends were playing football in the camp where they were staying for the summer. But the ball was launched far in the forest with tall and dense trees.


Vangelis wanted to go to pick it up, but it was late and the group  leader called them for their evening meal. So they all gathered around the huge table and enjoyed a delicious pasta.


Soon after they finished their meal, it was time for a new children’s film. But Vangelis was worried about the lost ball and wanted to sneak out to go find it. So he went to the forest and… a small grasshopper sat on his shoulder while walking. He did’t fear at all … he introduced himself and became friends instead.


They finally found the red ball deflated in the hollow of a tree.  So, they went inside to get … but… a huge poisonous snake appeared in front of them, while trying to reach it


Thanks God,  there was a hunter near them who saw the incident and rushed to help them. He took out his bow and marked the snake with a long arrow. The scared snake crawled into the grass trying to escape. Vangelis, stressed a lot, thanked the hunter for saving their lives.


By time he noticed that the sun went down, the moon amppeared in the sky.


He was so afraid of darkness that he asked the hunter to help them find the way back to the camp. The hunter gave them two candles for the way back.


They finally found the courtyard of the campsite by following the tracks of the bicycle wheels using the candle light.


Vangelis said’ goodbye to the grasshopper and rushed to his friends to tell them about his adventures, giving a promise to himself “never leave again without telling anyone”

Sophia Papageorga,  Yoga &  Pilates Instructor, Fit Smiling Kids Associate